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Posture Corrector

If you are in a slouched position while reading this, you probably will need this magical posture corrector. Slouching for long periods stresses your lower back, can contribute to tension headaches and negatively impacts confidence and productivity. 

A good posture is very important for your overall health. Get your posture fixed in 2 weeks!

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Resistance Bands Set

Upgrade your fitness equipment to this new Resistance Bands Set. It includes 5 straps from 10 lbs (4.5 kg) up to 115 lbs (52 kg), suitable for any fitness level.

Perform up to 150 different exercises that target different muscle groups. Time to stop making excuses and take actions!

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Acupressure Lotus Mat

This new Acupressure Lotus Mat and Cushion feature lotus-shaped pressure points that work to alleviate any muscle tension by soothing your body with tremendous pain relief.

It has the same effect as traditional acupressure therapy but is much cheaper.

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